ZYM Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics manufacturer. We started at year 2009 and the company’s main office is situated in Guangzhou, China. We focus on all types of cosmetics including lip gloss, lip sticks, eye liner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, shimmer stick, concealer, compact powder, blusher and multi-funtional cosmetics.  

ZYM Cosmetics keeps delivering high-quality makeup brands into the market, and we are also a semi-finished OEM/ODM processing agent integrated with exporting, sales and R&D ability. ZYM Cosmetics holds over 5000 square warehouses. With the recognition of the EU GMP production quality certification, we are able to provide a perfect quality management and strict inspection system to ensure the quality of our cosmetics.

ZYM Cosmetics-certificates

By engaging with a team of experienced cosmetics product engineer and cooperation with  famous cosmetic companies, we are able to provide our customer & franchisees with premium products and services. Our engineers have done excellent job by keeping creating fine cosmetics products to us and our customers. They make our brand image grow and create KAQIYA, MISS FIVE, NITRQ examples of well known brands. 

ZYM Cosmetics has kept with the principle of “quality determines survival” for ten years since it’s been founded and we are very strict on quality control, because we keep it in faith to ensure the quality of our products is the best.

ZYM Cosmetics is now spreading to other countries and holding activities such as product promotions, which makes it possible to focus on our motto “International brand with competitive pricing” to the fullest. Not only is ZYM Cosmetics loved by other local wholesalers & distributors, customers from other countries have also gotten their eyes on our company and has given us a good name. Our products are trustworthy and reliable and is able to satisfy the needs of the markets. With a humane mindset, proper principles, and a kind servicing attitude in carrying out our business, we will not stop providing the best products and services to our beloved customers.




Tel: +86 16717617980
Email: info@zymcosmetics.com

Address: Room 201, 208, No.1, Zone 1, Chayu Industrial Park, Chashan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, 510375